IMD Plastic Component

In-mold label decorating on plastics. Printed label or applique becomes part of product by being fused with molten resin. Various methods used, including use of electrostatic equipment in conjunction with a robot, vacuum applicators, friction fit, and others.

After applique is placed in tool, resin is injected behind label, and permanent bond is created. Features include durability, 3D decoration capability, flexibility, seamless appearance, and others. Industries served include agriculture, schools, restaurants, retail stores, textile, paper, plastic, metal, ceramics and wood.

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Manufacturing Plant

Sector No. 10, Plot No. 127, PCNTDA, Bhosari,             Pune, Pin-411026

Molding Plant

Sector No. 7, Plot No. 266, PCNTDA, Bhosari,               Pune, Pin-411026
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